Friday, December 27, 2013

(Christmas) Day 25 - (Boxing) Day 26 - and (Fri) Day the 27th -- Bauer -- Let the Sun Shine!

December 25th:
 I really had lots to stay inside for on Wednesday; books, games, cinnamon buns, hot coffee, and happy children.  Nevertheless, with fever gone(replaced with a nasty-ish cough), I found some extra reserves and headed out for a trail run with friends, at what was advertised as an 'easy Christmas pace'.

At the end of this run, Gavin asked how many miles I had on my GPS watch.  :)

Not the pace leader
The Hill
 The sky overhead was still dark, and the trail was a lightly snow covered sheet of ice, so 'easy pace' is all we could manage.   I had a camera in hand , and managed to keep moving and still get some OK shots.  The rest of these pictures available here:  HTTP://

Over-head shot

Behind-head shot

Also spotted - that guy that looks like Gerard (The Dawn of the Dunes Marathon Doppelganger)

I don't think it is a 'selfie' when you have a group behind you.

December 26th:
My cough was worse, and running was getting in the way of my real project - Lego Assembly.  Just 3 miles, no extra credit.

December 27th:
Everything was a little better today -- it is warmer, it is brighter, my cough is better, and I had both first breakfast (waffles with pb&j) and second breakfast (a walk to Sweet Annies with Maggie and Jake, followed by coffee, doughnuts, and smiles).   I know it is going to be colder in a few days, but for now, let the sun shine.

I know it is going to be a beautiful day when I can see the bumblebee watermark's on these keepsake Guilders that I have on my desk.