Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 29 : Stine - Family Fun Run

Today was a day I was kinda dreading to run.  After running 10 yesterday (and don't mind the 27 days straight before that), I knew I'd be sore and would wanna run tonight instead of early this morning for maximum recovery time.  To my surprise, my husband woke up and said something I haven't heard all month... "Can I run your Marcothon with you today?"  WHAT?!?

Of course, I tried to decipher if this was a dream or a reality. I decided not to question it and just jumped out of bed!  And of course, the baby came too!  We were on a tight timetable with needing to leave for church by 9:15, so we were up and out by 8:15.  The temperature wasn't bad yet (but much cooler compared to the 50s we had yesterday), so all was good.  Also notice the super white shoes Chris is wearing.  He got new tennis shoes for Christmas, so he was very anxious to try them out.
Dad and down the hill!

As we were about 50 yards into the run I spotted fellow Marco-Maniac Gerard coming down Terrace Rd.  Great to see others enduring the same punishment...I mean "experience" that I am :)  All in all a great short run (they only ran about half of it with me...but I'll take it) and starting to feel some sore of senioritis with the anxiety of only two more runs.  Kinda tempted to do a double straddle tomorrow night to end it on a bang...we'll see about that :)

Run Data HERE

Marco run 29...with Chris and Logan
Sun, Dec 29, 2013 8:23 AM Central Time (US & Canada) By tabysu1

Activity Type: Running | Event Type: Uncategorized | Course: --
Distance: 3.12 mi
Time: 29:07
Avg Pace: 9:20 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 66 ft
Calories: 369 C
Time: 29:07
Moving Time: 28:42
Elapsed Time: 34:33
Avg Pace: 9:20 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 9:12 min/mi
Best Pace: 6:45 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 66 ft
Elevation Loss: 69 ft
Min Elevation: 644 ft
Max Elevation: 666 ft

Avg Pace
Summary 29:07.4 3.12 9:20
1 9:31.7 1.00 9:32
2 9:34.1 1.00 9:34
3 8:59.7 1.00 9:00
4 1:01.9 0.12 8:35
Feels like 28°
7 mph W wind
Humidity 80%
Source: KIGQ