Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 17: Stine - Caution, Contents May Freeze

This morning I woke up, expecting to see a new dusting of snow, as is customary over the last week.  But, nothing new and the roads were still clear.  At a balmy 18 (feels like of 8), I had zero complaints today! 

Today is one of those days where there are a thousand reason to not wait wait till tonight: son's play tonight at school, ballet, tae kwon do, and my mom's coming to town!!!  So, out of bed and out the door I headed.

The most interesting thing I noticed was my water bottle.  I always carry water, whether the temperature is 0 or 100+....I always carry.  I had asthma when I was younger and somehow, in my mind, I feel that if I'm well hydrated, my breathing stays in check.  I have no idea if it's true - but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!  (And most times, I never take a drink from it in this cold weather....)
Anyway, below is what my bottle looked like after I'd been done and inside for 5 minutes.  It still had ice crystals formed on the top. Sometimes you forget how cold it really is.  I was actually holding this bottle in my warm hands, and the water froze. 

Just lovely.

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DEC 17, 2013  -  6:05 AM