Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 9 - Archer - Making Mark famous

Via FB posts, Mark was willing to help any Marcothoners get in some miles this evening before the Bears game.  I was in, then Gavin, then Eric Z, and Carrie.  Thank god I see Carrie is coming since she would provide a sane pace.  I been out with Mark, Gavin, and Eric.  While they are mindful of trying not to run their 8 or less training paces, I always end up running faster when with them.  But if I didn't want to run faster I would run alone.  Right before I left work, I saw Carrie was out.

The library's holiday party was this afternoon and my wife made it through for a little bit  She had to make a run for her job before she would pick me up on the way home.  I finished off my second Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' with too much cheese.  She ran late and I was afraid that I wouldn't get there in time.  We made it home in time for me to change and make it to the rendezvous spot with Gavin and Mark waiting with 20 seconds to spare on my watch.
Gavin and Mark saying let's go it's cold
Gang is all here.  Nice reflective gear.

We waited for a moments on saw one a runners light coming, so Eric was able to join us.  So what where the conditions tonight.  Yesterday's snow was pretty clear but the road was a little slick in spots given the 12 degree temperature.  There was a slight breeze but I didn't really feel it until we split up and the end of the run.  The pace was quick for me but slow for them, but they are gracious and wouldn't trade them for running solo.  It was good to see Mark out running.  He was supposed to run in the Memphis Marathon this past weekend that was cancelled due to the storms.

They fit right into the color scheme.
Eric, Gavin, and Mark
After posing in front of the colorfully lit home, Eric noted to me that this wasn't a slow run.  Of course I concurred but was happy to be running with them.  After stopping for the photo downtown, Eric dropped off at his house.  Gavin and Mark split off at the end of the loop to run to Lassen's to watch the Bears game and Eric would join them.
I on the other hand needed to run home to my accommodating wife.  While Abigail doesn't get why we would be outside running or that Marcothon matters, she still is supportive.  She wouldn't kiss me until the Icicle beard was gone.