Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 9 - Uecker - Run to the (Dis)Traction

"Homage to Eric B."

I really don't like running on snowy roads.  I don't.  Never have.  I really try to avoid it if I can (and I know I'm not alone in this).  "Wait a day or two until the plows do their job."  That's what I usually think.  I'm learning fast thinking is out the window with the Marcothon.

I did wait a bit today.  In front of my house the road looked pretty clear and the sun came out, just as I got going.  I figured that I was going to be all right and not encounter any problems. I was also thinking I was a bit overdressed wearing the thermal tights with the way the sun was hitting me.  These ideas that were bouncing around in my head were gone pretty soon.  After I had turned a couple corners I was greeted by slush, snow, ice.  Obvious I know, but this is why I really don't like this conditions, because I get distracted.  I find myself running closer to the middle of the road which makes me feel unsafe.  Oh and the wind kicked up.  I was not dressed too warm any longer.

I got myself a bit more focused and started warming up in my run.  "Hey this isn't so bad."  All of the other Marco-Maniacs (great term, Tabitha) were probably dealing with this too, if they are running outside.  Started to get more fluid was just about at the 1 mile mark and then slush in the shoe.  I love how it runs between your toes.  Gross but makes sure you're awake and let's you know you're alive.

At about 1.5 miles the run really started to get interesting.  I was running on an East-West road that had not been plowed at all and the snow was really starting to build up in my treads and I had no place to knock it off.  Was really starting to "fishtail".  As I hit the next North-South street I got on some plowed surfaces and was able to become more sure-footed again.

Hey, Village of Flossmoor, I have a question for you.  Do you only plow the North-South streets?  Strangely that's what it seemed like today.  I know that's not the case but it sure felt that way.  And like Tabitha I was becoming a bit concerned that this was just the beginning of how the conditions are going to be the rest of this month.  If they are, so be it.  I have hiking boots I'll bust out and run in.  Old Man Winter is not going to be what knocks me out of this Marcothon.  If anything does.

RAN 3.16 MI ON 12/9/13

Rick Uecker

"The Obligatory Selfie - Post Run"

Day 9 in the books.