Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Days 16 and 17 - Bauer - Getting it done (with very little time tospare)

Monday.  Another early morning ride to the airport. I find myself  daydreaming about getting the run done.  

It is a good day, productive, but it is hard not stare out of the conference room, with a window view of the Hudson River, without  further thought of getting the run done.

Meetings are followed by a dinner that stretches until 11 PM!  I am beginning to worry that my day has finally managed to get in Marcothon's way.  Throwing digestion to the wind, I quickly change and head out along the river walk in Jersey City.  I had hoped I would be in NYC, with a chance at my old lunchtime route in Central Park.  This was a new perspective, with a view of the Freedom Tower and a halfway point of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  

I finish 4 miles just before midnight.  I know Tuesday will be just as busy, with a late flight home, so after a quick 6 hours of sleep, I head out for 3 more - and it is snowing!  My beautiful views from the still of the night before are replaced with a foggy visage and a whipping wind off the river.  It is crowded New Jersey, so I pass at least a half dozen others out for the same punishment.  I wonder to myself if they, like me, are just getting their Marcothon miles done before their days get in the way.