Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 15 - Uecker - Someone is spying on me.

Today was cold.  Other days were actually colder, but this felt the coldest.  Wind chill -5 when we headed out the door.  Catherine was with me today, and I think it was a great thing.  Not sure I would have gotten through this without her today.  Was a good day to quit on I think.  The conversation took my mind off the fact that I was so damned cold.

We stopped at about the one mile mark to get a dual selfie to mark the run.  Catherine was using her phone, and even it said it was too cold to be out as it shut down after she snapped the second picture.  We'll never know how good they were.

My biggest challenge today, bigger than the cold, was my heel.  Dealing with some pain caused from a skin condition I have and could not get comfortable at all with it.  I've dealt with this issue off and on for years, so I really don't think it's going to effect my assault on Marcothon, but you never know.

This photo is courtesy of fellow Marco-Maniac, Eric.  He got us as we were running by his house.  I think by this time we were well beyond numb.  The funny thing is that I seriously considered waving at his house as we ran past.  Figured there was no way he was looking out so I just let it go. He got two shots of us, one is now my cover photo on Facebook.  Guess I should have waved.

Overall, I think we had a lot of fun, if Catherine will let me speak for her.  At least I did.  Looking forward to the half way point of tomorrow's run, when I will officially be half done with this challenge.

Day 15 - was that really all you had?  You are in the books.

Me and my task master.  ;)  (Thanks for the company!)

RAN 3.04 MI ON 12/15/13