Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 13: Stine - "Boston Strong" Recovery Run

My alarm went off at 6am today.  But 6am East Coast time after wine with co-workers last night makes it feel every crazier early than normal.  I fly home this morning back to Chi-town.  After my hilly 6miler yesterday afternoon, I knew I wanted an easy 3-miler to use as a recovery run before my longer HFCRC group run on Saturday morning.

So, after hitting the snooze one too many times, I realized I was against the clock.  My breakfast was being delivered to my room in 30 minutes and there wasn't a minute to spare.  

I stepped out front and decided today to stay local to avoid the hills and just circle the technology park near the hotel.  At my half way point, I was running around the BOSE Corporate Headquarters (you know, the shnazzy speaker peeps).  As I ran against the corporate structure for warmth (the temp was +12 degrees, feel like +5 degrees), I was looking in at desks with Christmas lights drapped over PCs for the season.  I also noticed the spectacular sunrise reflecting off the corporate windows.  But then something caught my eye.  Boston Strong.  If you look close down, you can see the "Strong" at the bottom of the paper that is taped to the office window below - and also the reflection of the sunrise and woods behind me.  I had to pause, think, and absorb what this meant.  The Boston Marathon bombing always felt so distant to me.  However, this office and this location was impacted.  Being a few miles from the city, it's pretty much guaranteed that someone here knows someone who was there, who ran, or maybe even was hurt- and most tragic, killed - at the Boston Marathon earlier this year.  I was instantly humbled and felt a comraderie amongst this community, its families, its runners, that then occupied my mind the next 2 miles.  My pace quickened, the cold crisp air was gone, and I found myself pulling back my shoulders and running with a new pride.  

I've always told myself that someday I will run that race.  Am I fast enough yet? - no way.  Seeing perseverance in communities such as this gives me my Marco-Motivation to keep running everyday - which will be all part of the bigger base for 3 to 5 to 10 years from now when I'm finally toeing the line of the Boston Marathon - where so many others have done for years before me.  Stay strong Boston - Boston Strong.  Thanks for allowing me to share your pavement the last 2 days.  Time to head home.


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