Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 10 - Archer - Technology and it is cold

Sorry, no selfies or pictures of holiday lights.  Day 10 and I consider this Marcothon 1/3 done.  I think it was 13 degrees when I left the house.  There was a little bit of a breeze that was biting in the face, which was the only exposed area. 

Biggest change for me was that I tracked my run for the first time on a smart phone.  For over the last 2 years I had been satisfied with my Samsung Rugby II flip phone.  It's construction grade, dropped many times while running, cycling, and just plain living.  Everything I wear takes a beating (even watch faces have scratches). While I had wanted to upgrade to a smart phone as my contract was up this past August.  A combination of a good price and my willingness to risk abusing the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro, I took the plunge.  It arrived yesterday and I took it to work for the tech guru's would school me and I downloaded my first app, Mapmyrun.

So for a change, I didn't use the stop watch and do a google map to figure out distance.  Tonight's run was 3.19 in 31:02.

Preview, I will be in Springfield the next two day.  Marcothon miles will be exploring miles.