Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 14 - Uecker - I'm worth one dollar Canadian

Running in 5 feet of snow really?  Well, not really.  More like 4-5 inches.  Made for a very sloggy slog this morning.

I headed out the door in hopes of meeting up with the rest of HFCRC at Walt's.  They were meeting at 7 am and I was running a couple minutes behind schedule.  No such luck.  They were gone and I had no idea where they were headed.  So rather than try to guess I turned about and ran what I will now call the "Mouse Route".  I call it that because the path on MapMyRun looks like a giant 3 mile mouse.

It was a slow pace.  Just running to get done.  Snow building up on shoes, clothes and glasses.  Got more difficult to see as I went along, but I made it.  Wish I had been able to hook up with the other runners heading out in the the mess that was this morning, but it wasn't to be.

Guess I now truly can own that "loon" label I was talking about the other day.  At least if you go by the looks I got from the people who were out cleaning off their driveways.

Day 14 - you are now - in the books.

RAN 3.12 MI ON 12/14/13