Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 26 Archer Back to running naked and not caring

Outside sent me a link via email highlighting an article "Your Nature Prescription."  Of the 6 tips, number 5 caught my eye - "Train Naked."  It boils down to getting some training in without heart monitors, GPS tracking, smart phones, music.  The gentile reminder was good for me, a recent convert to smart phones with the associated apps like MapMyRun.  For the last three weeks I have been running, waiting for that 1 mile interval announcement of pace and time.  Then feelings guilt follow if the pace was too slow, time to make up some time, and the game continues. Don't get me wrong, this is good for my "training," but all of my movement doesn't need tracking.

Morning "Serious Cyclist" spin class kicked me in this morning.  Amy's torture (I do love it) was made more difficult as I hadn't spun for 2 weeks and my lingering cough was in full swing.  After work I was ready to run after a few delays like Eric stopping by to pick up his Xmas gift and taking care of the dogs.  With the temps in the low 20's, I wanted to try out a new thermal shirt.  Laced up, I headed out the door with the smart phone but no active apps.  The route would be the Marcominimum to the Flossmoor Library and back.  The stop watch on my wrist was not pressed either.  After shuffling down my street of ice (my wife threatened to call the village and complain) I picked up the pace as I turned the corner on Tarpon.  Running "naked" let me just move and enjoying moving in what has become a runner's body was simple pleasure.  Even 10 lbs ago, it was not so easy to run.  2 winters ago I was 20 lbs heavier and ran (shuffled) through the winter.  Tonight just glided along as I turned my attention to what was around me like beautifully lit holiday decorations.

That's it, 3.2 miles (because it's been measured many times before) in an unknown time.