Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 4: Stine

Back to Basics.  Last night I stepped off Amtrak at 8:45pm, pleasantly surprised that the warm weather I said goodbye to in Carbondale had followed me north.  Well, maybe not completely as warm, but unseasonably warm December is still what it is, and I'll take it.
It was another short night.  I left for my work trip Monday morning after being home 16 hours after being gone 5 days for Thanksgiving.  The house seems to be unraveling with laundry,  projects, and Christmas goodies that are begging for attention and complaining of neglect.  So instead of hitting the hay early, I was up till 1am cooking, working on an art project for a friend, doing the never-ending laundry and sifting thru school papers.  When the 5:45 alarm went off this morning, I definitely "winced"...(note, under the breath "marcothon-cussing" may have occurred, but I won't admit it as there was also a random kicking child in my bed from 2-4am).

3.02 miles 27:34.
Run data here

It was 50 degrees and a slight mist...perfect running weather.  My body was yearning for a slow easy run, so that's what we did.  In my mind, normally I'd be doing a rest day tomorrow, so to just keep going is going to be tough.  We will see how tomorrow pans out.
The best part was the Christmas lights shining my path on the dark streets....they were great!  Reminds me I need to get my hubby to get ours up ASAP :)
Dixie Highway - Facing North between Terrace and 187th street