Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 18 Archer I got to get there

Sure I could stay in the neighborhood and get my Marcomiles in.  But it's Wednesday night I am stressed as usual.  The HFCRC group run departs Irwin Park at 6:30 sharp.  Usually there are 3 and 5 mile routes posted, but tonight is our gift exchange.  Working the 3-5 shift at the library's reference desk means I am eying the clock and patrons.  If I miss the 5:18 train, there is no chance of making the run.  5 til I turn off the phone; 4:57 our Ask a Librarian instant message service.  4:50 to 5:00 is the longest stretch as I eye everyone walking by and praying that they don't need help.  (any other time I love helping people)  5:00, nobody needs help so I turn on the computer, lock up the keyboard and mouse, quickly don the coat with hat/gloves that I had stashed under the desk with no time to run to office.  Success as I am standing on the train platform with 3 minutes to spare and all is well.

Wrinkle comes in the form of a call from my step son who was suppose to give me a ride from home to the park. In short is was "Sorry, a headlight is out, I bought one, but I couldn't figure out how to change it so I left the car at home for you."  Shit, I don't have time to fix it, change and drive there.  Of course opening the garage door I can't help myself but try for 3 minutes to unclasped the hinge holding the bulb in place.  Whose fingers do these engineers design this for?  Time is still ticking, into the house to put on the running layers, throw Joel's gift in a empty camelbak bag,time check again, 6:18.  That gives me about ten minutes to run to the park.  Streets in my neighborhood are clear, sidewalk along the busy 183 st are clear except the last 3 long blocks.  The street is too full to run in as the sidewalk turns into rutted packed snow.  I don't want to fall but I can't afford to slow down.  I finally turn the corner to see running headlamps 3 blocks away.  Luckily for me the route will have them run in my direction.  One block away I do a 180 to join the group.  I think Eric was in the same position but ran a little later.  He caught the cluster that I was in close about a mile into the run.  Of course it's easy for a speed demon to chase us down with his sub 7 legs.

Unlike my last several runs, this was more at a working pace, slurred a few words talking to fellow Marcothoner Tabitha and the other is the faster clusters.  I felt myself being dropped a bit and Tabitha fell back (figured I couldn't escape) with me even after I said that I was good.  Okay, I toughed it out the rest of the route.

1.6 miles to the group runs and 2.9 miles to 5th Quarter (this course was a little short so Tabitha has to run another block and back to get her 3 Marcomiles in) in 41:48 for an overall average pace of 9:17.

Great time with the group at 5th Quarter, pizza, treats that some had brought to the party, mean Santa Eric Z officiated the exchange.  My wife even joined us for awhile. I had arranged this so that she would hang with the group of friends that I am so happy to have.  I think it also helps for her to see that my craziness is shared by others.