Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 9: Stine - Snow Day "Shuffle"

Saying today was a shuffle, can't even begin to explain the "moving and shaking" that Priscilla and I enjoyed on our 6am run.  With nearly 4" on the ground, and 18 degrees (a "feels like" of 10) - the true challenge of Marcothon is officially before us.  We have been very thankful that it took 9 days to get to this....but heck, it makes me worried that the next 22 days could be a continuous winter wonderland from here on out. 
Marcothon is NOT a challenge on mileage ....I can't stress that enough.
It's a challenge to commit to running daily regardless of family, weather, and work challenges before us.  Marco is a challenge of time. So far, I'm 9 for 9....and the number one item that's been sacrificed is sleep.  I continue to seek better time management, but involving my family to join me via bikes/strollers is nearly impossible due to the weather constraints.  I think that is what gives Marcothon the sense of it's "Christmas Magic" ...something you believe in but honestly cant imagine how it will ever be attainable.  Only time will tell how this all plays out. 
Tomorrow I'll be overnight in Chicago and should have some great stories of my early morning city stay tuned!
4.24 miles 9:51 pace