Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 7: Stine - Do "Good" Running Gloves Exist and Work?

With a full docket on the schedule wrestling the 3 crazies while my husband has to head to the city for some work to meet a big project deadline, I knew my only chance to run today would be before he caught his train, which also meant before the Saturday 7am group run.  I had a couple comrades lined up to join me, but the early hour and weather delayed their runs for the day.

I woke up and stepped in the car, and this is what I saw:

When I looked at my phone app, the weather also said..."FEELS LIKE: -1 deg F"

No joke....-1.  Layers included 3 shirts plus a jacket, hood, ear muffs, 2 pairs of pants, my 'good' gloves...maybe something else, not sure. (note....the 'good' gloves failed me.  My fingers were tingling and numb.  Damn....does anyone have any references on WARM running gloves for these crazy temperatures days?  Maybe multiple glove layers?)

I knew any more layers would restrict my range of motion to actually run and now look like little brother Randy from Christmas Story.

With a ticking clock, I was able to get 4 miles in.  Every day before today this week, with cold weather, I could just up-tick my mileage to get done quicker in the cold weather.  Today was different.  I almost felt like my body never acclimated to the temperature.  I kept yearning to run faster and somehow my body kept screaming  - "It's ZERO degrees out...what the heck is going on!?!"

As I was in my last 1/2 mile, I met the group heading south from Walt's (only 4 of them!) and another random group ahead of me heading north.  Even at 7:15am with 0deg temps, there were 8 of us in the same area, that had dragged our butts out of bed to conquer the weather.  Between the 8 of us, we had about 4 full loads of laundry between us - which seems to be the theme of these crazy weather days.

As I returned, I stood at the edge of my car and realized the flag was at half-staff.  An honor to a great man - who's quotes even seem to apply to the madness of Marcothon.  What an amazing man....Here's to you Nelson Mandela.


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