Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 11: Stine - Caution: Snowy Eyelash Accumulation

I decided to run this morning.  I had two options:
1. Early morning with 12 degrees (feels like +5) the middle of a fresh 4" snowfall
2. Wait till 5:30pm when the roads are clear but the temperatures fall to subzero and potential wind chills of up to -15. 
I chose option 1.  I could only run on 187th and Dixie.  They weren't clear but at least some traffic had traveled them to allow a place to run.  Terrace Rd was not did my best cutting north to the more passed rd - 187th.  The downfall was pretty tough at times, and required continuous eyelash snow removal. 
My next runs will be in Boston while I'm there for work...hope that east coast weather moves thru quickly!
3:09 miles
29:35 time
9:34 pace

Running footsteps on terrace.Dixie Hwy