Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2 - Archer

Well Tabitha set this thing in motion.  She also had me worried that her stomach bug would make it harder for her to start the Marcothon.  Tabitha is so tough I knew that she wouldn't let a bug stop her from starting.
So last night I started to get a slamming headache. I figured that I was just tired and would sleep it off. Waking up at 11:30 at night, my stomach was churning and so the fun began.  There is nothing worse for me that upchucking, nothing.  After many embraces with the porcelain throne, I made it back to bed with the stomach churning and then the body aches started.  This was made worse by a 34 mile ride yesterday and felt good but with the body aches, it amplified that pain to a ridiculous level.  So there I am, feeling nauseous, feverish, and aching and all I can think about it that this has to pass because I will not be out of Marcothon on the 2nd day.  No way would I let Tabitha get away so easily.

Abigail get apple juice and painkillers flowing even as she left for work.  I didn't roll out of bed until after noon.   I just wanted to get to the point that I could manage a slow 3.2 miles.  I knew that the rules said 25 minutes, but the gloves were thrown down already.  See Tabitha doesn't belong to a gym, so I will match her by running outside everyday.  Then she already slogged her first day out not at 100% yet.  Twice I made it have way up the street only to need to quickly make it back into the house.  The third time was a charm.  My route would take me past Starbucks twice and the Flossmoor Public Library for emergency restrooms stops. Turned to be my slowest run in over a year, 36:40 for 3.2 miles, but I did it. 

I will never be "the fastest" and running for me is a simple adventure.  That is the drawn for me with Marcothon.  Who know was conditions, environmental or personal will challenge getting all of the days in.  All I know, I plan on standing Dec 31st being able to declare I had a fantastic adventure and did it all.  In many ways, it should be easier than today was.