Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 13 - Uecker - What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

Today was more than a bit silly in my head.  It sounds like Tabitha had an awesome inspiring run.  Me?  Well, not quite.

I set out and was feeling pretty good.  Music today Kaiser Chiefs / Off With Their Heads - I like this because it has a great pace that helps me to push it, just a little bit.  On the second song, Never Miss A Beat, I was really starting to feel it and then...I could hear my stride.  It sounded like coconuts hitting the ground.  I was Patsy.  There went my mind...

Well I can check that one off.  There's a nice shrubbery with a white picket fence.  And not too expensive.  I think the knights should appreciate that one...

Once I get in Monty Python mode I'm sort of stuck there.

I try to get it back.  Focus.

Nope.  Insanity just continues.  The bridge keeper, the black knight, the killer rabbit.  Of course, the rabbit was replaced by all the wimpy little sniveling squirrels that run past me and up into the trees.

Who are you who can summon fire without flint or tinder?
Tim: There are some who call me... Tim.
I was having fun at least.  For me that's a lot more than half the battle.  I like running.  But there are days when it is hard for me.  I guess I still equate it on a deep level to when I played football.  I never ran then for pleasure.  It was all about conditioning and endurance.  As I get older, it becomes a more joyous experience.  I have to admit I'm not fully there yet.  I envy all the people in HFCRC to my eyes, make it look easy and fun.  Like I said.  I'm working on it.  

13 days into Marcothon and I'm finding a strength I'm not sure I knew I had.  Not so much of the body, but of the mind.  My body feels stronger too, but getting out the door this week on those really cold days was not easy, as those of you who were out in it I'm sure could testify to.

This is a challenge.  Tomorrow could present an even bigger one if we get the full 6 inches of snow they are predicting.  Does running in snow shoes count?  Anyone have a pair I can borrow if it does?

Marcothon has thrown down the gauntlet.  I'm throwing two right back.  I'm going to try my best to kick Marco right in the coconuts.  That's it Day 13.  You're in the books.

RAN 4.05 MI ON 12/13/13