Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6 - Archer- Mindful running

Leaving the warmth of home
 Delays were the story for today.  Trying to encourage Cornelius to run I asked if he wanted to wait to run with him tonight.  I arrived to an empty home.  Shorty after arriving, I got a text that the dogs had been out and were fed.  My return text, what about our run.  Reply, my ankle hurts. Back to a solo run, but not yet.  My wife quite often picks up groceries in Joliet on Friday's.  She isn't happy if after a long day and time spent grocery shopping if no one is home to help bring them in an put them up.  It's not like any conditions would change if I waited.  If anything I could start the evening with brownie points.  She admitted to wondering if anyone would be home.

Delay over, time to put on the layers and run in the brisk evening.The house are so beautiful and demonstrate affluence.  Running past the homes I wondered what it would be like to live in them or would I want to. Our home is fine with a long list of things that need repaired .  My wife has a decade worth of upgrades need to modernize our house.  Even then is still wouldn't have a place next ones pictured here.  At the same time that I marvel at the homes I think of the woman setting on a crates in the Metra station in Hyde Park.  She was on a cell phone call around trying to find a place to stay for the night.  I made it to downtown Flossmoor turnaround spot, but wasn't ready to head home.  Instead, I just continued to slog on to a longer route.  If nothing else, this Marcothon is getting me back in touch with the simple joy of running.  Yes I will run harder when with the club or others.  But alone, just enjoying the movement and motion of running, no pressure of pace.

So I did 5.98 miles in 1:02:20.  Slow, sure.  The extra buzz from tonight is that it didn't feel like a minimalist tonight.  Looking forward to running in the daytime and on soft trails tomorrow.

Turnaround, not tonight, march on.
One of my favorite lit tree.  All in red.

Only 16, it could be colder.