Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 14: Stine - LET IT SNOW!

After a long week of travel, I reluctantly looked out the window at 6:30am and saw the heavy snowfall. Even though I knew my padres, including Jeff and Priscilla, would be out there, I couldn't muster the energy for an early run on my first day home all week to just relax a little.  I opted to wait for the snow plows and salt to make their way thru to make it less like "running in quicksand", as Gavin so eloquently called it :)

Hubby snapped a shot - the trees are amazing!

Nothing really exciting today.  Just a relaxing 3 as it began to turn dark.  Not a wise idea as the streets seemed to be very slick.  And with no snowpack remaining, you never knew when black ice was going to cause you to begin break dancing to regain your composure.  There were a few sidewalks, as seen here, which were nearly impassable, but overall - that was the fun part :)  

Spent the run dreaming about dinner and wishing I'd went sledding with the twins, but had no problem staying back home for a few hours while the baby napped and I could do a whole lotta NUTTIN'!

With no snow in store for tomorrow...and temperatures hovering in the mid to upper 20s, it doesn't get much better than this :)  To show you how much FUN we had today in the snow (can I count this running thru the yard endlessly towards miles??), here is a pic of our adventure.

Happy trails - and see you tomorrow I see we're almost HALF.WAY.DONE (did I just say that out loud?!?)

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