Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 18 - Uecker - What's that in the sky?

Well that was different.  A run without 40 layers on.  Still had on 4, but 1 or 2 less than I've had in recent days.  As I headed out the door I wasn't sure what I was facing as the ice was still on my driveway.

Even with the sun out the ice was still there.  This could be another really slippery slushy run.

Undaunted, I set out. As I turned the first couple of corners, what should I see but the sun and drying roads.

A very welcome site indeed.

  This was what I've been waiting for.  A nice winterish day where I could keep my head up and see a bit more of what was around me.

Was an up and down run today over all.  Stopped to take some pictures, pick up and letter at school and overall still maintained a fairly decent pace (for me anyway).

I close with a picture of one of my favorite trees in the neighborhood.  It's all gnarled and twisted and I usually pass it when my run is almost done.  Wonder if there is any correlation?

So that's it.  Day 18 - you're in the books.

RAN 3.43 MI ON 12/18/13