Saturday, December 21, 2013

Days 19-20-21 -- Bauer -- Signs, Screens, and Status Updates

 What do "Marcothon" and "Big Data" have in common? Just as more data has been created in the last three years than all of the data that came before it, I have produced more laundry in the last 3 weeks than I have in all the laundry that came before (and my washing machine is broken). 

Between working, traveling, and what turned out to be some form of a holiday party every day this week, not to mention the actual running , I have spent a fair amount scanning screens for 'essential data.'   A quick check of the temperature, perhaps.   

When is my the train (or plane -- I was too hassled to take a picture at the airport this week.  Imagine a monitored with word 'cancelled' repeated over several lines)?


   Am I going to get home before the rain? 

Who is else is running?

And as if I was actually training for something, I spend way too much time to check to see how far, how fast, and when I have run.

The only thing that matters?  Another 3 done.