Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 8 - Uecker - Uncharted Waters

Here's the sight that greeted me as I set out for my run.  Snow.

Today I'm getting a little deeper into uncharted waters in the Marcothon.  I knew that this challenge was going to be many things that were new to me.  Most obvious being just running on consecutive days for a month.  I think I stated in an earlier post that I normally only run 3-4 times a week.  So today at the start of week 2, day 8, day 9 of continuous running, I'm feeling a bit happy for having made it this far.  

Today was so much better than yesterday.  As noted by Tabitha it felt like a heat wave in comparison to yesterday.  AND the flu is now gone.  AND I was heading out to meet Eric Bauer for what we planned to be an easy 3.  Eric is a much more accomplished runner than I but a lot of fun to run with.  As Ferris would say, "I highly recommend it if you ever have the chance." We had planned this yesterday and as the snow started to fall Eric texted that he thought it looked pretty outside and he wanted to bring his camera.
We forgo the selfies...
And a woman driving by rolls down her window to complement us on our great idea.  
Did we just invent something? (that's been done a lot by other people)

Eric is a great photographer.  I think he has a fantastic eye and I love seeing work.  I know when he starts to post his stuff up from today (if he does) I will be schooled, but it will be fun because we saw the same things and I look forward to seeing how/what he captured with his lens.

We stopped in downtown Flossmoor to take some pictures and then continued on with our run.  Eric is running at my pace - slow, which is a good thing, because I can't run at his pace - fast.  It also might be a good thing because drivers don't seem to be paying a whole lot of attention to 2 guys that are out hoofing it on this great winter day.   "Hey it's snowing!  That never happens here.  Stop running in the road you loonies."  
I think we covered more ground in the conversation than we probably did with our feet.  Honestly, I don't remember a whole lot about today's run, other than the things we talked about which were many.  I did remember today seeing a fire engine outside Flossmoor Station the other day and worrying that a beer rescue might be in order, but again not much about the run.  Which I think is a great thing.  Even though it was not a quick pace the three miles just flew.

MapMySledrun says:

Miles - 3.04
Minutes - 36:33 (this includes the time used to stop and take pictures)

Week 2 - here I am.  Day 8.  You're in the books.