Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 15 Archer Wearing me down

Yesterday’s 5 plus miles on snowy slippery roads took its toll on me today. My first swim meet and Beth’s first swim meet since high school was this morning.  I kept telling myself that the run with friends yesterday was a blast and I all good.  Immediately after my first event, I could tell other wise.  Normally, my legs are never tired after any type of swimming.  Once out of the water after tapping the pad on the 50 backstroke, my legs felt like jelly.  It wasn’t from the nice dose of anxiousness, the legs were spent.  Luckily, I managed to complete the meet (5 events for me).  I had not done what I would can intense events since powerlifting.  The triathlons or running races are done at a pace, not all out. 


Beth did super by the way. 

The meet over, Beth, David (Beth’s wife) and I were starving and found a place in downtown Lemont. Forget the diet as I dove into a potato, egg, peppers skillet.  Within 10 minutes of walking through the front door I am sure that I must have been snoring on the couch.

After checking FB, I saw some had already gotten their Marco-miles in.  Jason’s picture let me know it would be cold.  Wanting to at least suffer in the daylight, I layered up and hit the street for the Marcothon minimum route to downtown Flossmoor and back.  Legs were great for two blocks when the bottom dropped out of the tank.  Nothing was left, but I do know the art of the slog and slogging along I went.  One positive, on the way back, Eric B was out in front of his home with is monster camera.  Eric has such an infectious personally all I could do was smile and feel a little better.


Run done. 3.14 in 31.12. Photo courtesy of Eric, who work (not the object of this photo) is amazing.