Thursday, December 19, 2013

Days 18 and 19: Stine - "Marco-Confession"

How can you NOT love this group.  Everyone ran a 'minimum 3' and then capped off the night with bottomless beers, a gift exchange, and of course - FOOD!  The 5th Quarter has donated countless pizzas to us (our HFCRC running club) all year. Tonight was one of many nights to patronize them...and boy did we!  However, with all the desserts, pizza, and beer, we more than took in our 3 miles of burned calories...possibly in the first five minutes alone :)  I received a lovely IPA from Eric in the exchange - which, might I add, comes was an amazing freezer bag!!! Yep....a bag to keep your beer/wine chilled, you know - when you need to take it with you "on the go".  I really like how he thinks :)

Again, we're on a mild weather pattern this week compared to the past week and a half.  However, it was windy.  The temperature was hovering in the low to mid 30s, but with winds near 20mph at times, it was "feeling like" something in the teens.  I was tempted to do 5 miles tonight as I surprisingly felt good, but dang it, the groups slapped me silly and I went straight to the bar at 3.01 miles.

By the time I was home at 9:30pm, I quickly realized the only time I was going to have to run tomorrow on Thursday, Day 19, was early in 12 hours from my run tonight.  Reluctantly, I showered - knowing that I was going to shower again in the morning after ANOTHER RUN.

Here comes a "Marco-confession".  The next morning I woke up at 5:15.  I needed to run even earlier this morning because dang it, we were out of milk so I ALSO had to go to the store after running, before breakfast (these dang kids aren't shopping for themselves yet!).  And guess what, half asleep and quite possibly not the most logical and well-thought out decision I'd made in a while....

wait for it....wait for it....

I RECYCLED some of my marcothon wear.

Dun. Dun. DUN!!!

Yep, I glanced over at the clothes from the night before hung across the bathtub: pants, shirts (2 of them in layers) and the windbreaker..... I had a clean sportbra/underwear/socks - but everything else went right back on.  I could barely stand myself walking down the stairs - but gosh dangit, the laundry is getting OUT. OF. CONTROL.  As soon as I started running, I told myself it really didn't matter if they were clean or dirty.  But by mile 3 I was thinking straight again and realized that I had stooped to all new low in the marco-madness: Rationalizing in the state of sleep deprivation that 3 mile dirty clothing REALLY isn't that dirty.

So, I think I need help.

Lucky for me, my next run isn't till the BIG STRADDLE RUN for days 20/21 on Friday night!  We have a HUGE group doing it and it should be a blast.  And don't worry, I plan to show up fresh and clean - but do plan on wearing the same clothes for both 3 miles sets.  Somehow in a straddle run, it seems to be ok :)

Oh yeah - at our group run on the 18th, THIS was the dessert our new HFCRC member brought. Yep...and there was raw chocolate chip cookie dough inside.  I REALLY need to run more mileage to make up for this special goodness.

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Wednesday Run

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