Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 2 - Uecker

Cal's birthday!  This is a great day in our house.  Fun start to the morning.  He got Lego Minecraft kid and bolted himself in his room and got busy building it before he had to catch the bus for school.  Great mood today.  This is more like it.  Feel a lot better today than I did yesterday.  Of course compared to a few of my fellow HFCRC Marcothon mates, I'm lucky.  Not dealing with any sickness or ailments today.  Lot more energy to bring to it.  Got my music picked Disclosure / Settle, it's cool and lets me run at a good steady strong pace.  Today's going to be a great run...

Or so I thought.

First mile - 8:46.  Feeling good so far.  Thinking that I might a bit too strong right now, but not too bad.  Can pull off the pace a bit and still keep it up for a really good run.

Second mile - 9:27.  I like this pace.  This is a really good pace for me.  I wish I could always take my runs at about this pace.  Of course, I mean I wish I could always run at this pace until I get a boatload faster.  When that's going to happen I have no idea, but I can hope.

Third mile - 9:54.  Really?  You're kidding me.  This mile felt awful.  Legs were stone, head not much better.  Everything that seemed so right just kind of went out the window on this one.  But, I've made it.  Day 2 is in the books.  Live and learn.

All told - 3.06 miles, 28:54 minutes.

And I've decided to be the tortoise about this whole Marcothon.  "Slow and steady wins the race".  I'm not used to running everyday and am feeling it already.  Not going to get crazy.