Monday, December 2, 2013

DEC 1 - Archer

Fantastic start of Marcothon. Weather was great and I felt wonderful.  My step son has been picking up a little weight and has wanted us to add him to the HF Fitness membership. Last time he was on it, he almost never went. So I told him about Marcothon and set his challenge.  Do 16 of the 31 days of Marcothon and we will add him. Then he says, can he get it in writing!

Neil is naturally a faster runner, sort of like the genetic blessing Eric B enjoys. We started off together but he tried to go from no running to run at his older pace. He lasted about 1/2 a mile then has to start alternating walk runs, which was fine for him, but I have to run the whole time.  I went around extra blocks, ran back and for, zig zagging across the street to make sure I ran.

Having Neil run was a nice side benefit of this Marcothon.  If he keeps it up, he will be dropping me again like he used to, which is all good.