Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 29 - Archer - ugly miles and two to go

Not a pretty run, not a pretty picture.
After a high of 50's on Friday, today started in the 30's and dropped all day.  My time slot for running would be in between church and cooking for a small Chicago Bears get together.  I hit the streets with 6 in mind and hadn't planned on anything with speed. I can't blame the snail pace on the freezing light drizzle. After 2 miles in I knew that six or more would not be an option.  I hadn't eaten too much yesterday but felt like lbs of food were hanging out in the belly.  Not too comfortable, then I really needed to pee.  Fortunately, there are stops along the way when needed.  Today it was the Flossmoor Brewery.  After relief, I ran back towards home with wind blowing the sleet drops right into my face.  With a little extra loop I hit 5 right near my house and thought of the determination of Tabitha.  If she sets her mileage goal, she'll run an extra something to hit her mark.  I did have 6 in mind and knew what I could add to hit the mark.  Sorry Tabitha, inspiration was not enough and my mind said #### that.  I turned right into my dead end street and stopped.

More than the Marco minimum, 5.12 in 57:29.  Still in the running.

My after run rebound took the form of friends, chili, snacks, good beer, and a choking Chicago Bear's.