Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 30 - Uecker - The one finger salute to Marcothon?

Day 30 - Today was a bit nuts.  Lots on the plate to do.  Had to get my run in earlyish, but also wanted to let it warm up a bit.  It was chilly out there this morning.  After that it was take my sister in brother-in-law to the airport (they're Rose Bowl bound), get home, swim practice, swim holiday party and trying to get the house somewhat in order for New Years Eve...

So I headed out and just ran.  Had a hot cup of joe about 30 minutes before in anticipation of the cold.  I think I ran through the caffeine in the first mile.  It's the quickest legitimate split I've had in the last few weeks.  8:44 for the first one.  For me, that's moving.  My goal for 2014 is to be able to do that, or a bit better for a 5K.  I believe that is completely doable.

Another possible one finger salute to Marco?
Then the caffeine seemed to leave me and I was left to my own devices for speed.  I started to slow a bit.  Shortly after the 2 mile post I passed Eric Bauer, fellow Marco-nut, going the opposite direction. He was just starting his day 30.  We gave each other the one finger salute, indicating only one more left to go.  He posted shortly after is run that we had done this, "but not the middle finger although that might have been appropriate to do."  This got me thinking.  Would we have been flipping each other off or the Marcothon?  Not sure, but it was fun to see him.

After laughing to myself over that just being goofy I finished up and then moved on with the rest of my day.

Day Next-to-last - you are in the books.

RAN 3.17 MI ON 12/30/13