Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 31 -- Bauer -- All Done!!!!!!

Izaak Walton
Waiting for a pair of trail shoes to arrive via UPS, my plans were accelerated as the group  agreed on an 8:45 start time to a trail run.  Frantically searching for dry clothing, cleaning my car of snow, and driving too fast to get Izaak Walton Preserve, I still missed the group!   

The Loop
I quickly chased down the 3.6 mile loop, but eventually realized that I was on my own.  I cut the loop a bit short to see if I could connect with the group, and I found them at the end of their 3.6.  We decided to run the loop again, in the opposite direction.  This time around, the pace was calmer, and it was easy to settle into the beauty of the park.  Tabitha, Priscilla, and Kim cut-off halfway through, while Joel and Jeff stuck with me in my effort to get 125 miles for the month.

Jeff, Me, Joel

I guess that is that.  Marcothon done.

Summary for the month of December -- the 32nd run was from a timed "Jake Sprints" session.