Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 16 - 17 - Archer - wearing me done

The Marcothon miles are having a cumulative affect on the legs.  Not that I have every been "fast."  My running the last two night have  been like drudgery.  The left knee has been slightly tender, the plantar fasciitis on the right foot it flaring, and both sets of shins are feeling abused.  So let's be honest, why the hell am I doing this to myself right now.  Tabitha invited me.  The blame begins with her and then spreads to my running club partners.  Social pressure!  Knowing that many don't have gym memberships, I felt like it would be cheating if I went indoors (which I loathe).

On the flip side, I am so wonderfully blessed by my friends who happen to be runners.  Meeting everyone this year, getting to know one another while we run (or suffer depending on your perspective) has be a high point that keeps on giving.  I am so inspired by my friends.  In particular, by the women who are balancing and slicing time to get their runs in.  At this stage, it's not about finding time, there is plenty without little ones in the home.  Drawing on that, Marcothon miles will continue.

Day 16 3.19 miles in 36.40, the worst of the two days.  The streets were clear, but no energy.

Day 17 3.13 miles in 30.36, clear sky, full moon, snow on the ground, stunning setting in spite of how I felt.

So, I am not planning on being dropped by the pack this month!