Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3 - Archer

The deep dark truth of Marcothon is that you will be spending the vast majority of your running in the dark.  The weekends or a sneaky lunch run is the exception.  While Tabitha was enjoying a southern Illinois trail, most of us enjoyed a foggy misty run early this morning or after work.  But if one were to pick a month to run in the dark, December has to be the pick.  Right after Thanksgiving, the decorations are starting to hung both inside and out.  Unlike many of you, I no longer have little ones in the house so the decorating is more minimal.  So seeing the many decorations allows while running tonight, lets me enjoy the thoughts of all of those Christmas' when my children were little and the one year that my wife and I had to care for my granddaughters. 

The cold/bug/food poisoning was finally sweat out all of last night.  In the dark I felt like a runner again.  As always, I had my reflective stuff going for me, including the shoelaces.  Jason said he saw me (and knew it was me).  So let it be said, if someone hits me it wasn't because they couldn't see me.