Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 28 Archer running madness 13.16 miles

There was a planned group run at 7:00, but Carrie tagged me in a post asking if I wanted to get my Marcomiles in with her at 6:30 at Walt's.  She’s good, by tagging me of course I would run with her.  She planned on 8, so I brought water and a gel.  Hillary joined us but was suffering from a sinus infection.  They talked about Christmas with their kids which made the miles fly by.  The pace was perfect and about 5 we dropped off Hillary and Walt's.  I had no idea where we were running, I was just following Carrie.  For some reason we seemed to pick up the pace.  Of course we blamed each other. As we closed in on Walt’s the mileage was a little over eight and a half. 
Looking ahead I noticed a cluster of runners coming towards us.  It was the 7:00 group and I knew from their posted route they had another 5 to run.  I hadn’t seen a couple of the HFCRC member for a little while.  I hopped on the end of the train with my Marcothon leader Tabitha.  I like Tabitha’s pace, always have. It’s just enough to make me work harder than I would but I have a sense she could drop me in a heartbeat if she chose to.  When I joined them I thought I would run a half mile or so just to chat.  Closer to a mile in, I knew it would be 4 more and my body didn’t feel bad at all.  What the hell, I pulled out the gel, asked Tabitha if she was going to stay at this pace or run faster (she was nursing a tight hammy so she would stay at this pace), and foolishly committed to completing the run with her.  The last two miles I got real hungry.  The last half I my left quad when asked me “what are you doing dude?” As we can close to the main street to turn left back to Walt's, Tabitha says she needs to go right for 2/10 of a mile so she can get an even ten.  I love it when she has set a distance goal, by God she will not stop short. I hadn’t heard 13 miles yet from the smart phone and wanted to get a half in so I turned right.  2 blocks in I heard 13 and about faced back to Walt's.  They were going out to eat at Blueberry Hill.  I so wanted to go (even had my wrist wallet on, the gift I got from Margaret at the HFCRC gift exchange), but knew I would not choose wisely what to eat.  Still looking to shed some more fat so I headed home after picking up blueberries to make pancakes for my wife and I.  Well turns out I took longer than expected running and someone wasn’t happy they had to wait for the car.  Needless to say, I didn’t make pancakes, but life is good and the run was awesome.
So take that day 28 of Marcothon.  My longest run of the year, a freakin’ half marathon.  Makes me wonder what it might have felt like if Marcothon wasn’t trashing my legs.
13.16 miles in 2:07:49
Very pleased with the splits:  1 mi 10:19; 2 mi 10:16; 3 mi 10:21; 4 mi 10:46; 5 mi 09:57; 6 mi 10:19; 7 mi 09:18; 8 mi 9:21; 9 mi 09:10; 10 mi 08:50; 11 mi 08:53; 12 mi 09:03; 13 mi 08:52; 13.2 mi 9:45
My friend Bart posted that if I can do this now our birthday run is on! big time!  We share the same birthday and he lives roughly 14 miles from work and wants to run into work for his (our) birthday. I have offered to run with him.  Here’s hoping the weather is as nice on March 12th!