Monday, December 23, 2013

Many day's of coughing - sense of slacking

All week long I could tell of big cold was coming.  My chest was burning/hurting a bit when I was coughing.  By Friday I was in the full blown chest cold.  Problem was that I had organized our Marcothon Double that night.  Tabitha had done a double earlier in the month when she was really pressed for time.  I thought I would be cool to do this as a group and make a 5th Quarter pit stop at midnight after the Friday's run, wait while people finish their beer, run our Saturday's 3 mile with more fun at Lassen's.  I rested most of the evening and rolled out of bed to drive near the finish line.  My wife was pretty frustrated that I was still going, but how could I not show for an event I facilitated.  As usual I arrived a little early and just tilted the seat back waiting to get out to just make it to the park at 11:30.  As soon I as got out, I ran into Tabitha and her sister-in-law running to Irwin too.

Having already offered to run a pace to not have people run alone, my body was happy to accommodate.  Jenny, Tabitha, and her sister-in-law were just in front of Rick and I.  During the pit stop while others enjoyed a quick brew, I changed my base layer.  As soon as we started again, I had a deep chill going on even with a dry base layer.  Rick was suffering from a cough as well.  I let Tabitha know I was bailing and wouldn't be coming to Lassen's to enjoy the post Marcothon double celebration.  From the sounds of it, I missed a good time.

On a miserable drive down to take presents to my kids and grand-kids in Danville, I told Abigail that I think this cold is going to stop my Marcothon.  I was surprised to hear her say no way, just do the treadmill til the worst of the cold it over.  I feel so much pressure to stay outside like Tabitha, Eric, and Rick but I knew that it only made sense.

After driving home from Danville Sunday, it was time to get in the 3 Marcomiles indoors.  It felt like I was cheating.  Honestly, I am not hiding from the cold or weather I kept telling myself.  To make up for not running outside, I decided to crank up the pace which usually doesn't happen when only.  3 miles in 23:45 for a sub 8 pace.  I coughed hard often almost falling off of the treadmill in the process.  I am sure I grossed a few out using my shirt instead of tissue (hadn't planned on the lungs continuing to clear themselves).

Don't take away my Marcothon medal yet!