Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Days 22-23-24 - Bauer - Getting Harder Every Day

What is wrong with this picture?

 The last few days have been trying.  I have been pretty relaxed during most of my runs, even the back to back runs and the no sleep runs and the runs when it was wet and the runs when it was snowy.  The runs with beer after, the runs with beer before, and the runs with beer in-between.  The last few days have been hard because of two things
-- It was cold, which is to be expected in December.
-- I have been sick, which is to be expected in December.

 I remembered that it was going to be cold, but I seem to have forgotten that I get sick at the beginning of my holiday vacation EVERY December.  Adrenaline subsides, the Christmas parties are plentiful, and I allow myself to take a breath.  And that is when the dreaded Marcoflu struck!

After: Jake is always willing to congratulate on a day well run.
 Days 22 and 23 were progressively colder and I was getting progressively sicker.  After Tuesday morning's run with Priscilla, Kim, Gavin and Tabitha (who I never actually saw, but I am sure was running), I came home, showered and curled up under the covers for the rest of the day.  My fever spiked into the 103 range, and I was starting think I was out.

Feeling Fuzzy

By the middle of the night I was starting to feel a bit better -- medication helped.  Against my own better judgement, I went out on day 24 for three more miles.  I came so close to giving up today.

Coldest day yet -- a big congrats to all my fellow HFCRC Marcothoners that braved this weather today.