Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2 - Stine

Day 2 - and Loving It In My Ole Stompin' Grounds - Carbondale!

When you go running at your alma mater - two things happen.  

1. You realize everyone is around you is too young to be in college.
2. Nearly everything is "different"

You come to the realization that somehow, yes somehow, you really weren't here "just yesterday".  And then, you quickly realize none of that really matters. You just start running and the time passes as you start looking at each building, area, street - and memories of what happened "just yesterday" start racing thru your mind.  Somehow I'm back in time...just a short 16 years ago (yikes!) to my freshman year in college and the memories are as crisp as ever.  I then realize the miles are flying and my pace is quicker than ever.  I planned to only run the "marco-minimum", but couldn't turn back before I saw a few more places, so I finished at close to 4.  Great 59 degrees run (LOVE so-IL weather!) and damn....I love this place! (side note....I participate in an oversight committee led by alumni to help guide the college and department in which I graduated from.  It gets me down here 2x a year and I also get to bum with my brother who is in his third year of law school...the best damn work/alumni perk ever!).  

Here are some sights (and yep, I'm hitting this place again tomorrow early bright and early before my meetings!)

Campus Woods....ahh, I used to walk thru this everyday to get to class from the dorms

Thompson Lake.  There is a 2.2 mile loop around this masterpiece and I'm running this tomorrow!!!

Pierce Hall.  Top 308 - where it all began back in '97!

The Engineering Building Complex - too many classes and late nights :)

Here are the details on my run:  HERE