Monday, December 23, 2013

Days 20/21, 22, & 23: Stine - MIDNIGHT STRADDLE RUN, the LOST RUN, and the CHASE RUN

As we approach the last couple weeks of running (dare I say...8 DAYS!!! AHHH)....the day-to-day grind of running is kinda what it feels like - a grind. But I no longer think, will I find the time to run?  Instead, it's second nature to everything I do.  Just like prioritizing brushing my teeth and showering, I now know it's always possible to squeeze in 30 minutes everyday for my runs.  But, am I also excited to say that it's only 8 days more? Absolutely.  I've been joking with Priscilla about what we're going to do on January 1st.  Guess what the answer is.... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I honestly think it's so ingrained in my psyche now that if and when I DON'T run in January, I'm gonna feel like a slacker and may actually start running again nearly every day, because dang it - Marcothon has changed me. Wow...I'll worry about that problem in 9 days.  Until then, let's just get thru the next 8 days of holiday miles.

Days 20/21 were the best/funnest darn Marco-miles anyone could ask for.  Our good marco-maniac comrade +Jeffry Archer set up an organized midnight straddle 6 mile run for both the 21st and 22nd. We had a great turnout and did it "pub crawl" style.  It was a perfectly cool 37 degrees, no wind, great refreshing beer!  We closed down the 2nd bar at 2am (can't say I've done that in a while...haha) - all with fellow stinky-friends after some great 6 miles!  By the way, do you know how hard it is to get good bar food at 1am when their kitchen is closed and runners come in HUNGRY?  Luckily, the waitress found us scavengers some chips and dip.  (and we appeared to not have eaten in years by the way Gavin was stealing everyone's chips!)  My sister-in-law was also in visiting from hot/balmy Florida and she joined us!  She claimed to enjoy the cold reprieve from the heat - not sure about that one :)

Marco-Maniacs...At the straddle midpoint: Fifth Quarter, Homewood IL

I ran with her - and it was fun. Much slower than my normal pace but I truly enjoyed the company so much.  I met a new runner who joined us and enjoyed the sites and Christmas lights even more than normal.  It just didn't get any better than this evening.  The most common question at 2am was...WHEN ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN?!?  (yes, a reason to drink and run!)

Days 20/21 Run Data HERE and HERE

Day 22 was again...a "non lonely run".  After having 18+ hours off of no running, it was a nice recovery relaxing run.  I met Priscilla mid afternoon and we squeaked in a 3+ miler.  But guess what. Today was the first run in SO LONG where neither of us was on a schedule.  We had no where to be at a certain time.  And guess what happened?  We just ran.  And talked.  And what does that lead to? Showing up at an intersection and realizing you are on the total opposite area of town as you thought you were.  Yep, neither of us knew how it happened.  We run these streets  But we got lost in the miles, and it felt amazing!  The sign of a great run and a great running partner - is ending up lost :)

Run Data for Day 22 HERE

Day 23 was a "chase".  Do you know what chase means?  Exactly like it sounds!  I was late for meeting my group at a particular intersection...2 minutes late (the first mile was fast trying to get there!)  After hanging out there for a minute or two and thinking...maybe they're late? - I texted to find out they were about a half mile away circling towards my neighborhood.  So guess what, time to start up again and really pick up the pace!  So - another half mile later, I found them.  This group of Priscilla, Kim, and Gavin are great to run with as we are so comfortable with each others' pace.  When we ran together today, we kept an even 8:45 pace (heck, we even did a tempo 8:44 mile the 2nd one in...haha).  I departed them, wished them a Merry Christmas as we're heading out of town later today, and looped back toward home.  5 miles back, the "chase" run was complete.

Day 23 Run Data HERE

23 days in the books.  All of them have been outside....and I haven't counted them yet, but I'm guessing that at least half have been with friends (and a small amount have included beer too!).  Oh Marcothon, the love hate relationship is turning into pure love!

Tonight we travel south for the holidays.  My marcothon will continue in Montgomery County should be fun.  I hope to find some partners...and circle the village tree downtown Raymond....a few times :)

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