Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 4 - Archer - la première partie

Leaving Ratner Athletic Center
There is no Master's Swimming on Wednesday's during the Fall Quarter so I have been dragging Parisian uber swimmer Muriel and my twin by exact birth date Bart to the weight room over the last few weeks (ha ha ha ha).  In my sick absence this week, Bart lured Muriel into running today so he could get his Marcothon miles in.  It was also his chance to see if Muriel is human.  For anyone who have heard me whine online about Muriel dogging me out in the pool, here is the French swimming beast (remember that beast is a very big compliment).

Bart and I run often in Washington Park as it is roughly a half mile to the park from the Ratner Athletic center. On clear days you can see most of downtown which is 7 miles to the north.  Today you could only see a few streets away.  Once in the park, there is a crushed limestone loop which is about 1.33 miles.  The surface is much nicer to our old dude bodies and joints.

Washington Park path
Muriel confesses to only running once a week and never more than 3 miles.  She dictated the pace which averaged around 9 minute miles.  We also a tempo section for about 2/3 of a mile.  Bart already posted the run at I am afraid that with a mere once a week job, she has retained her cape to shame us with natural abilities.  Muriel set the pace and pretty much stayed with us when Bart wanted to tempo pace a half of a lap.

More Washington Park path

As a side note, notice how bright and shining Bart's hat is.  He ran a 5 mile Turkey something race in Ohio, hence the race swag.  Many of his wife's family members enter the race and the family member that finishes first takes home the family trophy.  Last year it was Bart's college soccer player niece.  This year Bart brought home the trophy.  He was training hard (and his niece is injured).  But he was prepared to take her down.

While racing is a solitary sport and running is often done alone, I do so enjoy running with others (or lifting, swimming, cycling).  The runs go faster, I run faster, and even more importantly friendships are built.  Friendships are built on time and sharing, which is easily done while running.  As they grow, the friendships extends beyond the just running as we appreciate the richness our friends adds to our lives.