Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 28 - Uecker - At this stage dogs are faster than me...

Day 28 - Another beautiful 40º day.  Feels so nice being able to be wearing only a shirt and jacket.  Especially with the knowledge that the last 2 days of this might be in the single digits again.  Enjoying this while I can.

Jake Sprints!

Catherine and I went out for an easy 3 today.  The rest of the running group were meeting for either 6 or 10 today and then breakfast.  Don't have it in me to do 6 at this point of Marco.  Feeling a bit run down and just getting up and out the door seems to take as much energy as doing the 3 itself.

We were just going along and had just about hit the 2 mile mark when we came upon Eric Bauer and Jake.  Eric has posted and talked a few times about Jake Sprints.  Today we got to witness them.  Jake can fly!  A faster puggle I have never encountered.  We had a lot of fun with them, even though it was brief, and then we went on to finish our run.

Day 28 in the books.  3 more to go.

RAN 3.13 MI ON 12/28/13