Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Days 22-25 Tread, Tread, Road, finally trail - Archer

The cold had gotten the best of me.  I had really considered dropping out of the Marcothon.  Of all people it was my wife so said just run inside for a couple days until the cold isn’t as bad.  It felt so guilty resigning myself to running inside Sunday and Monday.  My friends have been battling colds and the cold while continuing to run outside.  Eventually, I had to get over it because I was going to get 2 days on the treadhell while my chest clears.
If I had to do it inside, it may as well hurt a little.  Almost didn’t want to post these because running hard isn’t my favorite.  A pace that allows me to talk or enjoy the surroundings is more to my liking.  My friends had better not expect me to run that pace with them.  Sunday 3 miles in 23:45 and Monday 3 miles in 23:00
Christmas Eve would bring me back outside whether the lungs were ready or not.  HF Fitness Center would close before I got home and Ratner at the U of Chicago was closed.  The plan was to run when I got home, but errands matched with chores needed attending.  No time, off to 6:00 Christmas Eve service.  Eric Z sat with Abigail and I.  Priscilla and family were a few rows back.  The candlelight service set the Christmas emotions is full swing.
The normal Marcomile minimum route to the library would work.  The temps were in the mid teens unlike the 4 degrees my friends ran in earlier in the morning. 3.02 mile in 32.30 had me bad to slogging in comfort.  Bathed both dogs then me for a fresh Christmas Eve.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMerry Christmas.  A few HFCRC posted that they weOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAre running Izaak Walton at 11:00 and I had already planned on running there.  The trail was lumpy chunky ice.  Photos courtesy of Eric, super photographer.  Best thing was spending time running with some of the best gifts of the year, my new friends.
3.63 in 40:15