Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 4 - Uecker - Happy Beerthday to me!

This is what I was running for today.  That's me on the right there.  A Black IPA.  

Today was an interesting run.  Catherine took the day off so we could spend time together for my birthday.  It was a great day.  Except for maybe on the run...

I've had it in my head for awhile now that it might be cool to run a minute for every year today.  That was before I committed to doing the Macrothon.  Once I started doing this I thought it might not be the brightest idea in the world to try to do that.  Especially because I was still a bit tired from the long weekend.  So when we set out on our run today, I stated 3 miles and that's it.  I'm good with that.  We headed out and got to about 1.5 miles and Catherine said, "I'll see you at home."  

She was going for a longer run while I was going to only do three.  Well at that point in time, my stupid gene kicked in, in a big way.  

I said, "I'll run with 5 with you."  
"No.  You go home.  I don't want you regretting this tomorrow."
"I won't regret it."

Well... music today was LCD Soundsystem / London Sessions.  I love this disk because it's right at my normal pace and some of the songs, especially "Daft Punk is Playing At My House", help me to kick it to another level.

REALLY, not the best choice when you are trying to run with your wife... on your birthday.  I pulled away from her and was an absolute dork and didn't look back.  I got my 51 minutes in.  But I was really rude to Catherine and for that I'm not even close to proud of this run today.  And it was a pretty darned good run.  I have pulled this once before and I thought I had learned my lesson on this.  Hopefully in this case the second time is the charm.

So that's it.  Day 4.

Mileage - 5.00
Minutes - 51:27

I will say this.  The Black IPA was really good.