Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Days 9,10, 11 -- Bauer - Running and the Moments In-Between

My daily mad dash home should count for some Marcothon miles.  The hope that if I get home by 7, it might be a few degrees warmer (because 17 is so much better than 12).  Chicago keeps one of these signs on every corner. If you don't take the time to look up while walking straight, the business that put this sign out is not responsible for your ice induced injury.  No such indemnity for runners on icy nights.

I am a fast walker -- I am guessing I walk a 11-12 minute mile, if you count the brief moments of running across intersections to beat the light.  Chicago is a beautiful city, but I rarely take the time to notice with my get-to-the-train tunnel vision.

Even the train ride itself can be a bit of a blur.

I will spare you the gruesome pictures of the cold night group run on day 9 (Archer has that covered).  Instead please see my reward.

Day 10 was a late night 4 miles, fast and cold.  Less than 10 hours later I was greeted with a morning snowfall.

Loose snow and some trail shoes made for a cushioned run.  

I ran exactly 3.1 had some coffee and a shower and made my mad dash for the train.  I took the time to look out the window today.