Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 29 - Uecker - I don't wanna...

Day 29 brought with it a major case of the "I don't wannas."  Really didn't want to do this one.  At all.  That got thrown out the window when Catherine said, "Are you really going to bail with only three runs left?"

How many you got left?
I guess not.  So off we went.  Was really a pretty goofy run.  GPS was way off.  I did the first mile in 5:35 according to my phone.  I doubt I could do that for a mile full out, fully rested and all I was running was 1 mile.  Not going to happen.  Not with this old bag o' bones for a body.

We got through it before the weather started to turn.  Shortly after we were done it started to drizzle which started to freeze.  Very glad that Catherine put the boot to my backside and got me moving this morning.

Have a feeling tomorrow won't be quite so easy.  Forecast is for single digit best.

Day 29, you are in the books.

Not to be believed, although I know I did at least 3, the stats for the day:

RAN 3.60 MI ON 12/29/13