Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 7 - Uecker - Who in the ____ sent me to Antarctica?

The Scott expedition to the South Pole - 1912

Wow.  That one took my breath away.  Literally.  Was 10 with a windchill of 3 when Catherine and I headed out this morning.  Had on new thermal tights so I figured they would really help with the much colder temps.  They did sort of.  They are much warmer than my normal tights and I could partially feel my legs throughout the whole run, but I was still disappointed in their performance.  They are rated to block winds to 35 mph.  I thought that meant they were going to help me run that fast.  No such luck.  (I think they are awesome other than the false advertising issue).  Really not having any luck the last couple runs trying to stay warm.  When I was fat(ter) I never had a problem staying warm.  Guess that's the price I pay for sort of getting in shape.

We set out this morning with a definite time constraint.  Cal had a swim meet that we were working in addition to him swimming and he had to be there by 9:00.  So get the run in, home for breakfast, a shower and off to the meet.

No warm up.  Wasn't going to help at all today.  Catherine was about half a block ahead of me and stayed there for almost the first mile.  We both were having difficulty catching our breath.  For her it was probably worse, but really not easy for either of us.  That got me thinking more and more about the 5 guys pictured above and how badly they messed up on their quest to be the first to the South Pole.  They made it there, but not back.  (If you ever have any questions about what an idiot Scott was, clear your schedule and we'll get some beers.  It might take awhile)  I wasn't hoping that all these thoughts weren't foreshadowing for me and the Macrothon.  

We plodded through the next mile experiencing more of the same.  Shortness of breath, coldness of limbs, questioning of sanity...  Around the 2 mile mark I think we got our answer when I started doing lobster hands with my mittens and we both started laughing pretty hard.

We finished just shy of 3 miles.  MapMyLobsterhands had us at:

Miles - 2.96
Minutes - 32:31

Got stronger again today dealing with the lingering effects of Marcothon flu and the bitter cold.

That's it.  Day 7, Week 1, in the books.