Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3 - Stine

One Last Southern Illinois Rendezvous!

My work meetings were coming to an end today at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  I am not getting home tonight till nearly 9pm from my 4+ hour Amtrak ride.  I knew the only practical chance I'd have to get in my marco-miles would while in town this morning.  I had the great fun of bringing the baby and staying at my brother's last night.  We enjoyed a winery with sangria, a fabulous pizza place (Italian Village!), and TWO movies...yes TWO!  :)  So, as I crawled in bed last night at 12:30am, I knew it would be a rough early morning.

And then, at 6:00am, the alarm went off.  Sure, it's later than I'd have to get up to run in Homewood before work, but still, I stayed up 2+hours later than normal.  But guess what got me up - the anticipation of the miles around the best damn running path and scenery I know!

Campus on the Lake has a 2.2 mile path around it.  It borders the Engineering buildings, where I spent countless hours, my dorm I spent 2 years at, and was the place Chris took me to first "go for a walk" where he told me his true feelings for me....16 short years ago :)  So, to even fathom I was going to pass up the total 5 mile run to get there, run around it, and make it back to my brothers, was just foolish.

By the time I got outside and looked around, it was a very foggy and warm 53 degrees (ahhh...I call it a tropical wonderplace).  The first few steps were a little stiff.  My pace yesterday for my 4 was pretty quick, and I was still tired.  I had honestly just ran about 14 hours ago.  By the time I made it the 1.5m to the lake, the fog was magnificent.  As I started to run, I started to loosen up and take in the sites.  The woods were bare for the winter, but still amazing.  The old beach and beach house where we raced out concrete canoes off of in the Spring of 2000 had been torn down and reworked as they were in the midst of some shoreline repair and remediation work.  The path was recently repaved and in great shape.  The squirrels and ducks are still as friendly as ever, nothing like the ones at home that keep their distance.  As in typical college form, I didn't encounter but one student out running the path of the 25k+ that attend there.  It must have been a late Monday night for others too.
In the end, I would normally say great run, but I think I'm gonna have a rest day tomorrow.  Haha....I wish!  So, hopefully my legs loosen up a little before tomorrow, but most likely I'll only be running the bare minimum and just tell myself that only running 3.00  at a 9:30 pace is almost like taking a rest day. 

The "Bucky Dome" on the lakefront

The fog was thick and fabulous
My run data can be found HERE.